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1. About Nankang, Jiangxi

- From "Hometown of Carpenters" to "Capital of Furniture"


"Hometown of Carpenters" in History

Nankang, located in the southern part of Jiangxi Province and the central part of Ganzhou City, is a thousand-year-old Hakka town. It has a history of more than 1,700 years since the Three Kingdoms Period and has been known as the "Hometown of Carpenters" since ancient times. Historically, Ganzhou was surrounded by mountains and rich in good wood, so being a carpenter and making furniture became a major means of earning a living for Nankang people. After thousands of years, Nankang people have cultivated superb woodworking skills and have left the reputation of "Nankang Carpenters" in history, which has laid the foundation for the development of Nankang's furniture industry.


China's Largest Furniture Manufacturing Base and Trading Center

In 2012, Nankang furniture industry was listed as one of the key supporting industries by the State Council of China. Since 2012, Ganzhou has built the largest solid wood furniture industry cluster in China. The industry scale has grown from 10 billion yuan at the end of 2012 to 180 billion yuan at the end of 2019, an increase of 18 times; the number of employees has increased from about 100,000 at the time to about 400,000 people today; and there are more than 7,600 furniture enterprises, including 938 enterprises above designated size and 492 furniture logistics enterprises.

In 2018, Nankang Furniture was identified as the first county-level industrial collective trademark in the country. Today, the brand value of Nankang furniture has exceeded 10 billion yuan, ranking first in the national furniture industry. In 2021, the total output value of Nankang furniture will reach 227 billion yuan, forming a complete wood processing base, furniture production base, furniture trading base, and related supporting trading markets such as timber, hardware, leather, etc. It is now the largest solid wood furniture manufacturer, the largest furniture manufacturing base and the largest furniture trading and distribution center in the country. 

The World's Solid Wood Furniture Trading Center


In 2016, Ganzhou International Land Port, China’s first and only direct port for imported timber and the first pilot area for national inspection and supervision was completed. The completion of the port not only greatly reduces the cost of raw materials and logistics, but also create a first-class open environment and a National logistics hub city with the China-Europe Railway Express, the Rail-sea Intermodal Train and the "Shenzhen-Jiangxi-Europe" Train which connects the "Land Silk Road" and the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road".

According to "China Economic Weekly", in 2020, 70% of the world's rubber wood were consumed in Nankang, making it the world's solid wood furniture trading and distribution center and realizing historical transformation from "single domestic trade" to "buying wood globally and selling furniture globally". At present, Nantong furniture has been sold to more than 190 countries and regions.


To Create A Global Influential Home Manufacturing Capital

 Today, Nankang furniture industry has moved from the single-core era to the triple-core era of integrated development of "home furnishing + furniture + home appliances". As Red Star Macalline, Easyhome, Yuexing Group, the three national home furnishing giants and Gree Electric, Markor Furnishings and other internationally renowned manufacturers have settled in Nankang, Nankang Furniture is realizing the leap from “Make in Nankang” to “Intelligent Manufacturing in China”.

Relying on the platform of China Furniture Institute, the district has trained nearly 3,000 college graduates and more than 50,000 professionals in e-commerce, design and marketing, and cultivated a large number of high-quality talents for industrial development. Nankang has also built a provincial-level industrial design base - Nankang Home Furnishings Town Industrial Design Base, and has introduced more than 100 first-class design institutions and more than 2,000 designers to settle in. The center designs nearly 10,000 original products every year and the conversion of design achievements has generated sales of over 30 billion yuan.

2. About Nankang Home Town

Nankang Home Town is built for the transformation and upgrading of Nankang furniture industry cluster from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", from "furniture" to "home furnishing", from "buying wood globally" to "selling furniture globally", and then create a world home furnishing distribution center and a masterpiece of modern home furnishing city.

The planned land area of the town is 5,000,000 sqm, and the core area is 2,000,000 sqm.

Ø East side: five continent-style wooden cabin groups - home furnishing R & D design headquarters and a traveling + shopping experience base.

Ø South side: Landscape Bridge, Home Furnishing Expo Center, and Nankang Convention and Exhibition Center - a base for industrial exhibition, home furnishing exposition and cultural promotion

Ø West side: Chinese traditional cultural buildings of the five dynasties of "Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing"

Ø North side: the "incubator" cultural buildings of the home furnishing industry

 3. About The 9th China Furniture Industry Expo (Ganzhou)


Time: May 28th - Jun 3rd 

Main Venue: Exhibition Center in Nankang Home Town

Exhibition Area: About 100,000 sqm with 5 main exhibition areas

- The Home Furnishings Convention Center

- The Home Furnishings Expo Center

- Wooden Cabin Group

- Craftsman Ingenuity Experience Display Interactive Area

- Ancillary Facilities Area

Exhibitors: 1,000+

Visitors: 200,000+

Exhibition Categories: Full industry chain


ü Modern furniture: living room furniture, bedroom furniture, upholstery, sofa, dining room furniture, children's furniture, teenagers' furniture, custom furniture, etc.

ü Classical furniture: European-style furniture, American-style furniture, neo-classical furniture, classical upholstered furniture, Chinese-style mahogany furniture, , etc.

ü Accessories home textiles: lighting, decorative paintings, decorative utensils, daily ceramics, photo frames, artificial flowers, carvings, gramophones, telephones, clocks, small pieces of furniture, home decoration fabrics, bedding, craft home textiles, carpets, etc.

ü Outdoor home: garden furniture, leisure tables and chairs, shading equipment, outdoor furnishings and supplies, garden life, barbecue supplies, tents, tents, gardening decoration, tools and equipment: garden planning and maintenance, flower and plant maintenance equipment and equipment, garden tool, etc.

ü Office furniture: office chairs, bookcases, desks, safes, safes, office screens, lockers, high partitions, filing cabinets, office accessories, etc.

ü Hotel furniture: hotel suite furniture, hotel mattresses, banquet furniture, hotel sofas, bar tables and chairs, etc.

ü Commercial furniture: public place furniture (airport furniture, theater/auditorium furniture, etc.), public seating series, school furniture, laboratory furniture, etc.

ü Furniture production equipment and accessories: edge banding machines, wood processing, drying equipment, engraving machines, leather cutting machines, knives, saw blades, pneumatic tools, mattresses, sewing equipment, etc.

ü Furniture ingredients: hardware accessories, chair accessories, aluminum profiles, plates, stone, soft furniture materials, packaging materials, PVC, veneer materials, fabrics, leather, chemical raw materials, etc.

ü Others: Home decoration design, furniture soft decoration, bathroom ceramics, floor doors and windows, cabinets and kitchen appliances, paint coatings, lighting ceilings, wallpaper home decoration, plumbing hardware, pipes and fittings, overall stairs, comfort systems, etc.

4. About EAcham Business Trip

Agenda (preliminary plan)

Exclusive benefits for EAcham Buyer Delegation

ü Accommodation: 2-night free hotel room on May 26 & 27

ü Catering: free breakfast & lunch on May 27 & 28

ü Travel subsidy: Max CNY 400 for transportation reimbursement

ü Shuttle bus: free shuttle bus during the whole trip

ü VIP budge: VIP entry budge for the Nankang Home Town and the Furniture Industry Expo

Main Schedule

Day 1 on May 26

Afternoon: Free visit the Nankang Home Furnishings Town


 Day 2 on May 27

Morning: Attend the 2022 Jiangxi Furniture Industry International Direct Procurement Fair


Afternoon: Factory visit



Day 3 on May 28

Morning: the 9th China Furniture Industry Expo (Ganzhou)


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