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I  .Preface

European American Chamber of Commerce & Industry, well  known  as EAcham for short, is a global community group registered in many European countries and America. The head office is registered in Brussels, Belgium. It originated from DCCCHINA (Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce (China)) which was launched jointly by many organizations in business  and industry areas and businessmen who are active in the economic and trade affairs between Europe and America. The aim of EAcham is to promote bilateral or multilateral cooperation of trade and investment between China and other countries all of world, to strengthen the connection and communication as well as exchange among enterprises and organizations all around the world on culture, trade, innovation, technology and investment. EAcham has registered branches both in U.S.A. and Romania, and also representative offices established in France, Italy, Germany and Netherlands. EAcham has an office in Guangzhou, China and registered officially Beijing Office, supervised by Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce.

Since its establishment in 2003, EAcham has made great achievements on international cooperation between Europe, America and China, as well as other countries all around the world by two-ways, both organizing enterprises, businessman and organizations to participate in Chinese events held on various cities for various industrial fields to assist attendees catch opportunities of trade, investment and R&D and organizing professional business trip for the Chinese government or entrepreneurs delegation to many countries to promote multilateral collaboration on trade, culture, sports, science and technology and investment   between   China   and   destination   countries.  EAcham organizes members and overseas traders as well buyers to participate in more than 100 events in China each year, in addition to organizing more than 10 delegations per year to visit different countries, some of them received by overseas members or clients of EAcham.

In order to provide members with better service, EAcham has been launching a membership management system to strengthen communication, exchange and connection on trade, culture, science and technology, environmental protection and investment for all its members and to deepen official and non- governmental exchanges between China and other countries.

EAcham has set up its WeChat Official Account, which regularly shares business events and activities for its members. At the same time, notices and news of EAcham will be published on the official website of European and American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (, so that all members can timely get information about business events and other trade docking activities.

EAcham Organization Structure
A.  Chairman: Gao Ying
B.  Vice President Units
C.  Cheng Liyan, Secretary-General and two Deputy Secretary-Generals
D.  EAcham General Committee, responsible to the chairman and convened by the chairman. The Committee may propose to the chairman a long-term candidate for the vice-president and a candidate for the secretary-general. It is recommended that EAcham Committee organizes its structure, develop its direction, invite personnel to be appointed and dismissed, and report on major financial revenues and expenditures. (The contents which are not  mentioned will be added after discussion by EAcham Committee)
E.  EAcham Professional Committee: The leaders with high value pursuit,  outstanding literacy and leadership skills in various industries can apply for establishment of EAcham Professional Committee and serve as responsible persons.
The members of EAcham are divided into three levels which are Regular Member, Director Member and Vice Chairman. EAcham Overseas membership is open to all overseas nations. EAcham will process your application as soon as you submit all the required documents. All members enjoy certain rights and undertake corresponding obligations. As punishment of any severe violation of the Membership Regulations, membership will be canceled.
1.  All foreigners (enterprises and institutions) who are members of EAcham will enjoy preferential access to all business activities organized by EAcham under the same conditions.
2.  All registrants must be legal individuals of high quality who do not have criminal records with formal jobs.
3.  EAcham will strictly keep all its members’  information confidential, therefore please submit complete personal information for membership registration.
4.  After becoming a full member by examination and approval, EAcham will issue a certificate and member badge uniformly. The certificate and badge will be unique for each member.
5.  EAcham will select outstanding members every year and award honorary certificates and medals.

6.  The rate of number of award-winning companies is not less than 0.1-0.5% of the total number of members.

II.  Membership Introduction

i. Regular Member and Director Member:

Materials required (legible scanned copy)

  • First page of passport.
  • Business card (both sides)
  • Visa page (valid)
  • Photo with white background (digital, 2.5cm*3.5cm)
  • Business license (overseas one preferred)
  • Application form (complete all with signature and seal)

Applicant Qualifications: 

Legal person of foreign enterprises or employee who holds a foreign passport

Membership Fee:

Regular Member: USD200/year or CNY1,600/year Director Member: USD1,000/year or CNY7,000/year


Service Type

Regular Members

Director Members

1. Hotel & Dining Discounts

Enjoy member discount

Enjoy member discount

2. Third-party Service Preferences (Legal affairs, company registration, tax consulting, visa application, invitation letter, food certificate registration, etc.)

Enjoy regular member discount in all third-party services; EAcham can issue one invitation letter in a year, helping regular members in applying for Chinese visa after review

Enjoy director member discount in all third party services; EAcham can issue two invitation letters in a year, helping director members in applying for Chinese visa after review

3. United Office Platform of Global Chambers in Shanghai

Can register in the Shanghai office, enjoy rental discount for regular members; use the small meeting room of the Shanghai office for no more than 5 times for free

Can register in the Shanghai office, enjoy rental discount for director members; use the small office meeting room of the Shanghai office for unlimited times for free

4. Business Project Docking

1. Assist to release project or purchase demand information on a regular basis

2. Provide no more than 30 high-quality Chinese suppliers' contacts information throughout the year

1. Assist to release project or purchase demand information on a regular basis

2. Provide no more than 50 high-quality Chinese suppliers' contacts information throughout the year

3. Regularly organize accurate business matching meetings

4. Assist in obtaining or sharing exhibition catalogs or industry information of related domestic exhibitions in China

5. Assists to establish necessary contacts with local Chinese government or other industry organizations/enterprises to promote their business expansion in China

5. Media Promotion Service

1.Enjoy an official promotion on EAcham official website for new members

2.Participate in the activities of the member's annual demeanor display promotion and the annual membership evaluation activities at the end of the year

1. Enjoy an official promotion on EAcham WeChat account and official website for new members

2. Participate in the activities of the member's annual demeanor display promotion and the annual membership evaluation activities at the end of the year

3. Enjoy business promotion service through online and offline official media for no less than 10 times, including official website, wechat account, brochures, information kit, conference bags, roll-up banners, etc.

4. Enjoy a one-year website link promotion service on the official website

6. Participate in Exhibition Activities (Mainly for business)

Priority is given to participate in high-quality business activities under the same conditions

Enjoy member treatment in government meetings, media interviews, factory tours, banquet dinner, corporate roadshows, transportation reimbursements, etc.

1. Priority is given to participate in high-quality business activities under the same conditions

2. Enjoy member treatment in government meetings, media interviews, factory tours, banquet dinner, corporate roadshows, transportation reimbursements, etc.

3. Represent EAcham by attending different activities under authorization of EAcham

7. Exhibitor Booth Quota

Priority is given to get free booth or booth with regular member price for domestic exhibition in China, enjoying regular member treatment in the exhibition location, booth area, etc.

Priority is given to get free booth or booth with regular member price for domestic exhibition in China, enjoying regular member treatment in the exhibition location, booth area, etc.

8. Other Activities (Networking, seminar, sessions, Membership Open Day, member volunteer activities, etc.)

For other paid activities e.g. networking, enjoy regular member discount; able to attend all members-only activities, such as seminars, members-sharing sessions, and can invite 1-2 participants free of charge

For other paid activities e.g. networking, enjoy director member discount; able to attend all members-only activities, e.g. seminars, members-sharing sessions, and can invite no more than 5 participants free of charge

9. Co-organize Activities

Not available

Qualified to cooperate closely with EAcham to co-organize related activities (business, cultural and other topics)


  • Maintain the interests and reputation of EAcham.
  • Pay the member fee on time.
  • Comply with the rules of EAcham.
  • Participate in EAcham events at least twice a year
  • Assist EAcham in external promotion
    • Assist EAcham to establish connection with local business associations and governments and to hold business events in other countries

ii. Vice President


Applicant Qualifications:

1.    Legal person of foreign enterprises or employee who holds a foreign passport

2.    The company annual turnover is more than USD 10 million

3.    Company website is necessary

4.    Overseas fixed office is required


Membership Fee:

USD 10,000 for the first year

USD 5,000 per year from the second year



  • Priority is given to apply for an overseas branch of EAcham
  • Enjoy the rights to organize and co-organize activities with the name of EAcham
  • The vice president unit has the right to propose to the president to convene the plenary meeting of all the vice presidents of EAcham, which  shall be convened after the president’s consent and executed by the secretary- general.
  • Enjoy the same rights as director members do


  • Having overseas fixed office with plaque of EAcham (Opening ceremony is required for the event)
  • Undertake daily operations of EAcham’s overseas offices
  • Undertake the reception of the EAcham delegations abroad
  • Submit a written report & have video meeting with secretariat of EAcham monthly/quarterly
  • Pay the membership fee on time

III. Membership Regulations

i. General

The following regulations apply to all members of EAcham.  Membership Regulations is an informal contract between members.  Once the application form is signed and confirmed by EAcham, you will become a member of EAcham and should be deemed to agree to be bound by the Code of Conduct of EAcham as to not cause damage to EAcham’s social reputation.

ii.  Membership

1. Minimum age for member is 23 year old.

2. All applications for membership must be approved by EAcham.  EAcham retains absolute discretion to approve or reject any applicant without formal explanation.

3. Members enjoy the rights to make suggestions concerning the betterment of the organization, operation or management of EAcham, but shall have no final rights of decision nor any ownership rights, or rights of recourse against any of the property of EAcham.

4. The membership of EAcham shall not be transferred, and the rights of the members shall be exercised by the person and shall not be exercised by others.

iii. Personal Profile

1. Members must provide true, accurate and complete personal information, so that EAcham can verify and approve members’ application.

2. If members provide false or incomplete information, their application will be not accepted, or the fraudulent members might not enjoy normal membership rights after admission.

3. It is purely voluntary for members to provide required materials to EAcham. EAcham will protect your personal information and will not disclose your personal information to anyone without member’s authorization.

4. Members have the right to review their personal information or update their membership information that is on file with EAcham at any time.

iv. Membership Card

1. After the membership application is accepted, the member will receive the membership card issued by EAcham.

2. Membership cards shall always remain the property of EAcham, and EAcham shall have the right to withdraw and terminate the card or terminate membership without formal explanation.

3. The membership card is for the sole use of the member and cannot be transferred, loaned or otherwise exercised by others.

4. If the membership card is lost, damaged or stolen, member shall immediately notify EAcham, EAcham will reissue the new card and collect the cost as appropriate (for electronic membership card, members should keep the membership card properly.  If it is lost, please contact EAcham).

5. Members participating in any events organized by EAcham must present their membership card to verify their identity and be eligible to participate.

v. Rights of Members

1. Members have the right to participate in interviews, speeches and business delegations as well as other EAcham recreational activities.

2. Higher level members enjoy greater priority in activities, and members of the same level have priority access to all services provided by EAcham.

3. Members may refer to members’ handbook to review information for individual membership obligations and rights for each level of membership.

vi. Obligations of Members

1. Protect the interests and reputation of EAcham

2. Follow the rules of the EAcham events

3. Pay the membership fee in a timely manner

vii. Withdrawal from EAcham

Members that intend to withdraw from EAcham membership must return membership card along with formal withdrawal application. All rights of membership will be terminated from the date of receiving the above withdrawal request and membership card.

viii. Termination of Membership

1. EAcham retains the right to terminate membership and to claim for the compensation from those who cause harm to the interests and terms of EAcham.

2. After the termination of membership, members shall receive a membership termination letter, and membership card shall be invalidated from the date of acceptance of termination of membership letter.  From that date forward, members shall not enjoy rights of membership, and no longer enjoy the services provided by EAcham.

ix. Changes of Membership Regulations

EAcham retains the right to modify all rules of above requirements at any time and to formally notify members of any changes immediately.

* EAcham has the absolute right to interpret regulation of membership.

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